Här finns utdrag och länkar till alla olika Magikonsult fanfics! 🙂

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Magic Advisor, the Mystery of the Pocket Watch av ClockworkMultiverse

The archaic fashion sense of her guests reminded Lizzy of someone else who had been missing for quite some time. What mischief might have that purple and pink nuisance and her fluffy masked companions gotten involved in that had kept them completely occupied for several days now? She was not overly concerned, as it was the first time in a very long time she had not had to deal with their silly shenanigans. Yet a part of her felt a bit guilty. What if something awful had happened to them and she never cared to notice?
Lizzy then continued to the kitchen, where Ghosty was watching sitcom reruns on television.
“Ghosty, we already own every season of this show on DVD. It is my turn to choose a program to watch.” said Lizzy to Ghosty

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Fanfic från ScarletWhite:

Prim, with Lizzy on a boat: Thanks for saving me, in all ways possible, you’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!
Lizzy (looking saddened): “Just a friend?”
Prim:”Well yes I…”
Lizzy: I don’t want to be just friends, if you wish we can be friends, but we could be so much more… Oh, you have something on your lips”
Prim: “Really? What?”
Lizzy: Me (and she kisses her tenderly…)

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Detta fanfic är även illustrerat av LittleWhiteAngelWolf



Giggle War av AzabacheSilver

Prim interjected, “Ghostie asked if I wanted anything last night, and I said I would like a good snack when you got home.  However I kinda fell asleep on the floor behind your desk here.  I read your diary to pass the time, so boring.  You think you’d put some fantasies in there, especially about me, because obviously!”  
Lizzy argued, “First of all, I am not the type of person to fixate on my fantasies.  And second of all, I could do better than someone with a strong chance of becoming a jailbird with her irresponsible choice of mystical burglary as a lifetime career!”
 Prim said as she raised toast to her lips, “I am a glamorous adventurer with a life of exciting danger, what’s not to want?”

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AzabacheSilver har även gjort fina illustrationer till historien:



Kendras Magical Cat av ScarletWhite:

One day a magic shop was the target to Prim’s ambition, as she wanted a magic mirror

“I am beautiful enough” she thought “but can’t get rid of them pimples, I mean, little beauty marks, perhaps this mirror will show me how I really am?”

And she stole the mirror

And as she did, a black cat that grew on a shop, on a small space, and knew no real love, scratched madly upon the glass he was concealed in.

Läs hela HÄR.


En fan comic gjord av Ellen Lundberg finns HÄR.


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