Nytt fanfiction + fanart!

Fanart av Lizzy och Prim (kära!) från Ellen Lundberg. 🙂 Så söt bild! Blir så glad! ❤

Fick även detta fina fanfic av Scarlett White där han beskriver hur Lizzys syster Kendra fick sin magiska katt. 🙂 Så fin! ❤

There was a hat that could turn people into animals, such powerful ítem not to be used lightly as it was cursed as well. Those who would use it for ill would become animals themselves, forever, or something worse left unspoken.

A hat full of power on an empty head as Prim. The vainly thief stole the hat for evil, yet vain, purposes.

One day a magic shop was the target to Prim’s ambition, as she wanted a magic mirror

“I am beautiful enough” she thought “but can’t get rid of them pimples, I mean, little beauty marks, perhaps this mirror will show me how I really am?”

And she stole the mirror

And as she did, a black cat that grew on a shop, on a small space, and knew no real love, scratched madly upon the glass he was concealed in.

“Look at me, look at me” the cat though “I want to be hugged, I want to be fed, I want to be with you, throw that mirror and that book away, come close to me and stay”

But it couldn’t talk, it was a cat, not more, no less.

Prim became an animal and took off with mirror and spellbook. The cat stayed and meowled and meowled and she didn’t return.

The constant meowling brought the owners to where the cat was, the shop was a mess, and some items were missing.

“Blame it on the cat” they thought “ever since we brought it we had no luck”

And they threw the cat away.

The cat followed Prim’s scent of animal fur and French perfume to her lair, the cat meowed for attention, to be fed and loved, but Prim as soon as she saw the poor creature she locked the doors and windows, afraid.

“Black cats are no good” she thought “she was frightened for no reason of the kitten.

But the hat Prim was wearing realized she was no good, and a curse settled upon her, she was becoming little by little into a cat herself!!!

She looked for her worst friend, a magic advisor who we call Lizzy, but worst friend was better than no friend, and maybe she could help her?

The little kitty followed Prim once more, maybe she would reconsider, and maybe he would be loved?

But love was not on Prim’s mind, at least, not now, but maybe someday…

As the cat followed her new maybe someday be master she arrived at a huge house, the magic advisor house, there was a ghost inside, the kitty could feel it, she stayed outside, afraid of the kind ghost.

Little kitty stayed for hours until the magic hat flew out the window and fell upon the little kitty, apparently the wind flew the hat and it fell upon the cat.

And the cat changed. Don’t ask me how but it changed into something not cat, not human
Lizzy heard meowls and scratches outside, big enough to be something larger than cat, perhaps… a tiger. So she locked herself in, thinking the night was long and becoming paranoid.

Lizzy spoke to her sister Kendra on the phone, about Prim’s visit, the magic hat, even the meowls, and asked her to come, since she suspected this was real witchcraft, and wanted a good witch by her side.

The cat person approached people, rubbed herself upon their legs, meowed at them, begged for
Food the way she could, but how would you react if a bipedal larger than life female-cat-thingy would come to do those things to you.

She caused panic.

Until someone kind approached the cat, patted her on the head, and took her hat off
That someone was a witch, Kendra her name

And the cat became a cat again

The cat got food and a kind mistress, a place she called home and a human who understood and loved her.

Sometimes the cat used the hat to become like Kendra, well, sort off

But Kendra would only say softly:

“You are amazing the way you are, don’t change because of me”

The end

Written by https://scarletwhite.deviantart.com


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